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This Website is strictly for use for people aged 18 or over. When buying seeds, I have purchased and I have accepted that they are intended for souvenirs only.

I confirm that my invoice and delivery details are correct and that the failure of delivery caused by incomplete and/or incorrect address is my responsibility.

I confirm that I have checked my countries current local and international laws before ordering souvenir seeds and that it is safe and lawful for me to make a purchase of souvenir seeds.

Please do not use bogus or false names as your postal service may not recognise it and therefore not deliver your parcel. This can also void the insurance on your purchase.

I confirm that I have read and fully understand the terms of purchase from siljaseeds.com and I accept all terms and conditions listed by siljaseeds.com


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Siljaseeds Oy

Business/Vat Registration : FI31978044


Gunnarsintie 22





Email: info@siljaseeds.com

Siljaseeds does not condone the usage of illegal or controlled substances in any way and does not take any responsibility for the use of any products that are shown on this website. All information displayed on the siljaseeds.com website is included for educational, historical and scientific purposes.

Please Note:
Cultivation of cannabis seeds is illegal in many countries, so Siljaseeds only offer the sale of cannabis seeds as souvenirs and as a means of preserving cannabis genetics. Information presented on the Siljaseeds website and on product packaging is made available for countries that legally permit the cultivation of cannabis seeds.

Siljaseeds is not liable in any way for claims, actions, legal and/or court fees brought against oneself in connection with any use of products ordered from this website, catalogue, or other media.

Siljaseeds reserve the right to cancel any order made by a customer at any time if we feel that the transaction request may be fraudulent, malicious or likely to harm our organisation in any way. All goods remain the property of siljaseeds until payment has been received for them and customers may not insist that siljaseeds honour any erroneous pricing or errors in product description or promotional offers.

Please note that any questions we receive relating to the germination or cultivation of seeds will go unanswered. Please don't presume that this is rudeness, we simply have to abide by the laws that govern the sale of cannabis seeds and the information that we are allowed to discuss regarding germination is limited due to the number of Countries that we ship to and the various local laws.



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